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Critics Say

! "Delightful book! It's not only inspiring, but entertaining too!"
Joe Billingieri, At Work with Dr. Joe, KQSB - Santa Barbara

"A compilation of quotes old, new, and freaky-modern that get right to the nub of the situation--whatever that situation may be.... Brett has a good eye for the unusual.... The point here is that there are ways to live, ways to keep the essentials in mind, ways to smile and laugh and understand that "the veil which covers the face of futurity is woven by the hand of mercy" (E.G. Bulwer-Lytton). A fine breadth of coverage concerning the greatest of wisdoms."
The Book Reader

"Lots of fun--and great for the coffee table!"
Drewe Phinny, "Newstalk," WDEL, Wilmington, DE

"Before [millennium] hype puts you into orbit, author Hy Brett offers a collection of down-to-earth thoughts."
The Modesto Bee

"An indispensable book for the Anxious Class!"
Brian Butler, "Anything You Say," KPIX San Francisco

"A real fun book!"
Cindy Byas, "Hot Talk," WKGX, Lenoir, NC

"A book that makes me laugh and think!"
Linda Strasburg, "Interactions," KTKK, Salt Lake City


"The 'recycled wisdoms' in this compendium are meant to comfort, cajole or amuse both those who are the cause of our discontents and those of us who are incorrigible dreamers.... How to Survive would make an appropriate gift for a good friend, the more so if she or he came of age when mere survival was not an issue."
Small Press Magazine

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